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How to Change Your Archdiocesan Password (see attachment)
Suggested IT Vendor List (see attachment)
See ticket 31417
We should almost never have to complete the following steps. An example given by Serenic of when we would perform these steps would be if a person's Active Session Login Datetime is several days old. 2. Launch NAV Dev - Object Designer (White icon) 3....
Install using installer from: [] Associate .far file with application in: C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesCerenade SharedVFill32O.exe
M:Information TechnologyDocumentationFaxFinder Applianceusers_export.csv
Today Tom Schulte wanted to have the Sharp 6240 mapped to his Mac - the following two web resrouces give a description how to accomplish this [
M:Information TechnologyShoreTelShoreTel_HolidayGreetingGuide.docx
For a complete guide to installing Serenic and the Jet Admin add-in, go to: M:Information TechnologyDocumentationInstall GuidesSerenic-Jet_Setup.pdf
PDF Filler is a homegrown Chad app that takes specific information from an Excel file and saves is as a PDF. \AOAIT01winapps$PDF Filler
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