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Posted by Jonathan Ugolick on 26 January 2018 02:10 PM

1. Login to AOATRIBTS

2. Launch RemoteApp Manager

3. Select Add RemoteApp Programs

4. Select check boxes: CaseMaster Admin - Server, CaseMaster Registry - Server, and CM Net Manager

5. Select Next then Finish

6. Open Windows Explorer and path out to D:\Tribunal\CMCLIENTS

7. Create new folder using naming convention: CMCLIENT_[user initials here]_[next number in order] (e.g. CMCLIENT_LC_205)

8. Copy another person's folder contents into new folder and edit Node.txt, changing the number in Node.txt to the new  new number

9. To create Windows Installer Packages, go back to RemoteApp Manager and right click each of the newly created RemoteApp Programs and select Properties

10. Change RemoteApp program name to applicable name
    a. CaseMaster Admin - Server becomes admin.exe
    b. CM Net Manager becomes NETMGR.EXE
    c. CaseMaster Registry - Server becomes registry.exe

11. Change location from default to path of folder you created and leave the application file name in the path (e.g. D:\Tribunal\CMCLIENTS\CMCLIENT_LC_205\registry.exe)

12. Select all three RemoteApp Programs by sorting by Path and selecting all  three applicable programs

13. Select 'Create Windows Installer Packages'

14. Click 'Browse' under "Enter the location to save the packages:"

15. Create a new folder under D:\Tribunal\CMDeploy and use naming convention [FirstName LastName Initials_NodeNumber] (e.g. Luis Capacetti LC_204) then click 'Next'

16. Select 'Desktop' and 'Start menu folder', 'Next', 'Finish'

17. Log into new computer as user

18. Open Windows Explorer and path to folder where the installer packages were created (e.g. P:\CMDeploy\Luis Capacetti LC_205)

19. Move to Desktop, run each installer with your admin account, and permanently delete installers when complete.

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